EPOL Puppy Food

EPOL Puppy food has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies. With all the essential vitamins and nutrients, EPOL puppy food ensures your puppy has all he needs for healthy muscles, teeth and bone development as well as giving him energy for his daily adventures.
Available in yummy chicken & rice flavour.
Growing puppies need a total of 30 g to 50 g of food per day per kilogram of body weight. This should be divided into a number of daily feeds. Very young puppies need 4 to 5 feeds a day. From 4 months on this can be reduced to 2 to 3 feeds a day. Always remember to feed according to your puppy’s condition and appetite, taking into consideration how active your puppy is as well as what breed.
Ensure your puppy always has access to fresh, clean drinking water!

Chicken & Rice flavour 
1.75kg and 7kg

EPOL Adult Dog Food

From around 12 months of age (breed dependant of course) you can start feeding your best bud EPOL adult dog food for all dogs.
With typical South African flavours in the range; like Boerewors, Beef Biltong, and BBQ Chicken your dog will find it hard to choose. For those of you who have more than one canine friend at home not to worry because EPOL adult dog food
is for all adult dogs with kibble for the little and the big guys as well as those in between.

The amount of food that a dog requires will depend on factors such as breed, age and level of activity. Adjust the amount given to
keep your dog in a lean condition. Lactating bitches may require 3-4 times as much food as their normal intake.

Always ensure your dog has an adequate supply of fresh clean drinking water.

Beef Biltong flavour
20kg and 8kg

BBQ Chicken flavour
20kg and 8kg

Boerewors flavour
20kg and 8kg

Spare Rib flavour
20kg and 8kg

Braai Mix flavour
20kg and 8kg

Lamb Potjie flavour
20kg and 8kg