EPOL Dry Kitten Food

EPOL Kitten food has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of growing kittens. With all the essential vitamins and nutrients, EPOL kitten food ensures your kitten has all they needs for healthy muscles, teeth and bone development as well as giving them energy for their daily adventures.
Available in yummy chicken & rice flavour.
Growing kittens need a total of 30 g to 50 g of food per day per kilogram of body weight. This should be divided into a number of daily feeds. Very young kittens need 4 to 5 feeds a day. From 4 months on this can be reduced to 2 to 3 feeds a day. Always remember to feed according to your kitten’s condition and appetite, taking into consideration how active your kitten is as well as what breed.
Ensure your kitten always has access to fresh, clean drinking water!

Chicken & Rice flavour 

EPOL Dry Cat Food

EPOL adult cat food contains essential vitamins and minerals such as taurine, calcium and iron and has been specially developed with
all the goodness your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

There are 4 tasty flavours to choose from, which will keep your cat purring for more; Chicken, Tuna, Anchovy and Sea Delights.



Anchovy Flavour

Chicken Flavour
4kg, 1.8kg

Sea Delights Flavour

Tuna Flavour
4kg, 1.8kg