EPOL Adult Wet Dog Food

Remember as a Lightie... Watching your best bud chow down on some lekker EPOL dog food? Like pap and wors, nothing could seperate your dog from his EPOL dog food. Now the legend returns, so you can give your dog balanced food with the original taste for new adventures!

The amount of food that a dog requires will depend on factors such as breed, age and level of activity. Adjust the amount given to
keep your dog in a lean condition. Lactating bitches may require 3-4 times as much food as their normal intake.

Always ensure your dog has an adequate supply of fresh clean drinking water.

Delicious EPOL Wet Dog Food

Avaliable in the following Flavours and Sizes


  • EPOL Chicken
  • EPOL Beef
  • EPOL Beef & Boerewors


  • 420g
  • 820g

After opening, refrigerate unused portions and use within 24 hours.

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